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Nine Ball
  Nine Ball  

Angst-Ridden Maniac Spends Over Half A Decade On Demented Sexual Rampage, Shares Highly Detailed And Instructional Confessions That Warm The Heart And Uplift Your Soul

The Book That’s 15 Years In The Making, So Unapologetically Outrageous, Offensive, And Humiliating That Jeffy Almost Doesn’t Want You To Read it

FROM: The Desk Of The Ill-Advised Fool Who Allowed This To Come Out

Bwaaaaaaaaaaa, guess who?? It’s TYLER.

Yeah, the “real” Tyler. Although I sometimes fantasize about hiring someone to impersonate me so I could sit in my house and eat Cheetos all day, I wanted to write to you personally to create that PERSONAL TOUCH.

Anyway there’s something I want to get off of my chest today. Something I’ve been holding back from saying to you for a long time.

I love you. Yes I REALLY do.

But sometimes I feel worried about how you’re doing...

Recently I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, with an image of your face burned into my brain, and a frightening statement written across your forehead with a big black magic marker: THIS DUDE’S PROGRESS IS NOT NEARLY WHAT IT COULD BE.

I know, I know, it seems a bit harsh and judgemental. I want to support you in your goal of getting this whole “success with women” thing down, but I feel like I needed to tell you the truth.

I mean, come on...

Getting the crush on that girl who you barely knew, then double-checking your text messages when your phone wasn’t even beeping to see if she was hitting you back??.........Weak.

Plotting to get that woman you only hooked up with a few times into a relationship, so you could slink back into the nerd-shadows and avoid having to really improve yourself??.........WEAK.

And coming into this whole “get good with girls” endeavour half hearted and half assed, thinking you could just DABBLE AROUND with a few new ideas and philosophies, and make a bit of progress here and there??.........ugggggh, WEEEEEEAK.

What I really want is to expose you to a new standard here.

I want to open your eyes, part the curtains, and reveal to you that there is INDEED at least one dude who has taken this to a level that would seem ABSURD to the majority of people.

We’re talking a level where nothing less than total success and domination was acceptable, even if he had to destroy his entire life in a spectacle of public humiliation to get there.

A level where he literally decided to GET LAID OR DIE TRYING...

Meet The Man From Northern California Who Decided To Heal Himself By Becoming A Sexual Deviant, Bang Nearly 200 Women, And Become A HERO To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ner, Urrrr, GUYS On The Internet

So I’m guessing at this point you’ve heard of my homeboy Jeffy.

He’s the writer of the infamous RSD Newsletter, where every week he makes his mother proud by sending out tips and strategies on how to “Cherish women in the night...” to hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world.

The dude is also known as the creator of the epic Jeffy Show DVD/CD program, where he showed you how to walk like a pimp and talk like a mack, rock the karaoke mic like a belligerent Japanese tourist, and find TRUE LOVE.

More important than any of this however, is that Jeffy is an international legend within the so-called “underground dating community” for spending the last SEVEN YEARS of his life on a DEMENTED SEXUAL RAMPAGE—hooking up with nearly two hundred women, engineering over two dozen threesomes, and banging the entire social circle of the girl he liked to show her “how much he cares”.

Jeff has also used this massive base of field experience to become one of the most sought after dating coaches in the industry, despite his outward appearance of being at least partially insane.

He’s taught high pressure “pick up bootcamps” where he’s been forced to demonstrate his skills for attracting women ON THE SPOT in nearly every major city in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South Africa, almost every weekend since 2003.

(That’s very likely the most “live programs taught” of any infield instructor on the planet...)

And during this time, Jeff has proven himself as a HARDCORE MASTER SENSEI at transferring those skills to the people who take his programs, as his students have taken girls home on 50-75% of his events for the past several years.

(Which you can see by his rolodex of raving testimonials on RSD Nation....)

But you know what??

All of this is important to you for ONE reason...

To get to the level he now enjoys, Jeffy had to make the critical life decision that he was going to STEP UP and master this at all costs, and then devote over a half decade of his life to the pursuit of his goal, like a pit-bull trying to bite the head off of a Chihuahua.

Rather than screwing around and going out once in a while to make a bit of progress (like most guys), he chose to grind it out seven nights a week for many years.

Rather than bailing out and quitting his mission after he had success with a few girls (like most guys), he chose to keep the demented sexual rampage alive.

And rather than throwing in the towel when he hit heart-wrenching sticking point after sticking point (like, you guessed it—THE VAST MAJORITY OF GUYS), he chose to claw around the dark trying to “figure things out” until he had become an enlightened master.

This is a guy who took his progress with women to the utmost extreme.

He’s a living and breathing model of a guy who used the “I don’t give a f**k” mentality to blaze forward in the game, and guess what??

Jeffy has recently spent the last year of his life, literally over 10 hours a day, writing an obnoxiously detailed manuscript that that will uncover every secret, shortcut, and training tactic to make extreme progress...AS WELL AS every scandalous detail, sordid incident, and spiritual epiphany that he’s experienced over the past fifteen years.

How COOL Would It Be If A Berserk Sex Addict With This Level Of Experience Were To Take A YEAR Away From Their Life...

To Write A Totally Comprehensive, Absurdly Graphic, Shockingly Embarrassing MANIFESTO Of Their ENTIRE Personal Journey??

Alright so given that 1) this book is written by none other than JEFFY, and 2) the very obvious “tongue in cheek” tone of this letter so far, you’ve probably already guessed that the book we’re talking about is going to be a DARK COMEDY to the fullest extent.

Nonetheless, I’d like to like to take a minute to “get serious” with you here, because this is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about, and I personally feel that the STAKES ARE HUGE.

I want you to go deep into your mind, and imagine, like, your “ultimate book” written on the topic of how to get good with women.

Imagine that a crack expert with years of experience in the “hardcore dating game” were to take literally a FULL YEAR away from their life, and spend it writing a totally comprehensive memoir that exposed their entire personal journey from start to finish.

All the juicy details, all the critical new epiphanies they gained, the massive screw-ups they endured, and most importantly the CONTEXT of those learnings and errors—so you could be simultaneously educated, entertained, trained and titillated, while saving THOUSANDS OF HOURS of your own time by avoiding the pitfalls that have been exposed.

I’m talking the type of book where you’d be able to read it, and instantly understand the process of what it takes to gain total domination at meeting, attracting, pulling, and “cherishing women in the night” over the long term.

You’d get a sense of that “banging it out in the gym, day in and day out...” and seeing the incremental progress as it really happens. As opposed to what you normally see where it’s like, “Guy learns game, discovers a few secrets, and POOF, now he’s AWESOME.”

It would give you that rich, contextual experience—not only of the changes you need to make in your BEHAVIOUR, but the mental changes, and EMOTIONAL changes, and PARADIGM SHIFTS.

We’re talking the unvarnished truth as it really happened, warts and all. No “white washing” to make the author seem cooler or more relatable, but again, the UNVARNISHED TRUTH of the entire game, from the inside out.

After all this time, you’d finally get a window into what the lifestyle really looks like. You’d see what it’s actually like to hook up with girl after girl for months and years on end, not theoretically, but as a deep emotional experience that you feel like you personally lived.

Of course, you can imagine that a book like this would be difficult to write for a lot of reasons. As an author, you’d be required to...:

  1. Keep highly detailed and instructional journals of the mayhem for over half a decade, because otherwise there would be no way to remember all the subtleties.
  2. Spend your entire adult life polishing an ultra-sharp writing ability, to captivate, mesmerize, shock and thrill your audience—so they won’t be able to put the book down, even if they’re total idiots with short attention spans.
  3. Devote an entire year of your life to going back, combing through your extensive journals, and using them as the foundation for a full blown MANIFESTO that rivals any modern literary masterpiece.

    ...and most importantly
  4. Be possessed with the self-destructive tendency to obliterate your life as you know it, by releasing a book that graphically depicts your demented personal mission to “Get Laid or Die Trying” for the entire world to judge and see.

And to do all that would be, uhhhhh, PRETTY ABSURD.

Check it out though...

You’re probably aware that Jeffy has never made any claims to be anything short of a highly absurd dude—and this is exactly what he’s accomplished.

The book that he’s spent the last fifteen years preparing to write (and an entire year in his house actually hammering out) is called Nine Ball, and after years of experiences, raving successes, and brutal failures, it’s now ready for YOU to experience.

Jeffy Survived The Treacherous Path To Transforming From “Total Douche Bag” To “Total Douche Bag Who ALSO Has A Psychotic Sense Of Entitlement Around Beautiful Women”

And He Exposes The HIDDEN TRAILS To Getting You There Like A Friendly Himalayan Mountain Guide Who Gives You A “Thumbs Up” And Wants You To Succeed

Nine Ball is the book that gives you everything you need to walk the path to “total transformation” because of 1) Jeffy’s “unconventional” personality, 2) his wealth of personal experiences, and 3) the fact that he knows the path like the back of his hand.

He started off about as low as it gets...

My first time talking to Jeff was over an internet forum where we’d post about our adventures in pickup-land, and he sent me a private message about how he’d stormed into his fat neighbour’s house in a drunken frenzy and “banged several rolls” until he threw up all over her. Apparently he was holding a frying pan in the air and wearing a giant rubber glove, for no real reason at all.

I was pretty new to the internet at the time, and I remember saying to myself, “This is one of those internet-weirdos I need to stay away from.”

Then as time went on, Jeffy continued to share his outrageous exploits, and he soon developed a following of several thousand readers every time he decided to post.

The internet was soon buzzing with energy around his various “field reports”—which read like bizarre hybrids of the most hardcore “pick up experiments” you’d ever seen, and chapters out of a novel by Hunter S. Thompson (dude who wrote “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”) or Chuck Palahniuk or Charles Bukowski.

Jeffy was sort of an enigma to me, and probably to the entire dating community subculture.

On one level he seemed to be some sort of a near-genius, just based on the profound awesomeness of his writing, his razor sharp wit, his obnoxiously well-read vocabulary, and the sheer intelligence of his ideas.

Then on another level, he also seemed to be somewhat of a self-indulgent idiot: rocking out in a pink pin-striped suit, styling his hair like Elvis Presley, sporting a giant fake pinky-ring, toting a Mossburg 500 12 gauge shotgun around his house, driving a red clunking Mitsubishi Mirage with a Trans Am decal on the hood, and randomly blasting girls down with garden hoses.

I eventually travelled to San Francisco to meet the guy, and came to uncover that Jeffy had been through some pretty intense personal trauma as a younger dude (that he reveals in his book), which caused him to interpret the promises of modern society as being a false sheen of bulls**t over a reality that most people didn’t want to look at.

Although he never told me this directly, I slowly worked out that Jeff had created a sort of absurd and ironic personal universe to amuse himself with, where he would continually parody the “denials of reality” that he saw in the world around him.

This wasn’t something he did to make other people laugh, but to make himself laugh, and he’d be doing it whether people were watching him or not.

What was UNEXPECTEDLY POWERFUL about this was that because his outlook was hilarious enough to suppress his own psychological-dysfunction, it was also nuclear-level-comedy to the average person just watching it go down.

It sucked people into his reality, and became the foundation that Jeff would eventually use to become one of the most socially commanding people I know (in terms of his presence, charisma, and tendency to inadvertently get people qualifying themselves to him, as they try to keep up with his energy and vibe).

Over the next several years I’d hang out with Jeff on and off, whenever I had the opportunity. I watched him continually slaving to master and internalize the new pick-up ideas that came out, and experiment with various new techniques of his own.

He was one of those guys who would go out of his way to travel to new cities to build up his skill-set, and venture into tougher and tougher venues, working to pick up hotter and hotter girls. The adventures he accumulated during these times were utterly ridiculous.

Every time I’d see him, I’d be really astonished at how he was improving. But at the same time, he was one of the guys who took longer to reach the level of total mastery than a lot of the other “elite level players” in the game (which is probably what’s made him the master-level teacher he is today).

It took Jeffy several years, but for the last several years he’s been a guy whose skills run DEEP.

He’s achieved that DEEP LEVEL GAME that is not to be messed with. He’s very much rooted in that STEP UP AND GO HARD type of mentality that’s usually reserved for the NFL or NBA, and this resonates in every aspect of the way he interacts with girls.

There are some “pick up dudes” that are good at the initial aspects of chatting up girls but not much further, and some who are good at the mindsets and inner game but don’t know how to approach a random stranger to save their lives. Then there are dudes who are simply CLOSERS to the bone—always dating different girls, their bedrooms looking like revolving doors.

For as long as I’ve known him, Jeff has repeatedly stated that “The proof is in the pudding...” and made it his ultimate mission to GET LAID OR DIE TRYING. That’s probably why you’ve seen him dating 14 girls at a time, pulling threesomes like it’s no big deal, and going “full swordsman mode” (as he calls it) any time you see him out.

In Jeffy, you have a true and bona fide deep identity level change, from a guy who was literally about AS WEAK AND PATHETIC as it gets. And while it’s shocked and astonished me to watch him become SO LETHALLY TALENTED at picking up women, there is something that’s surprised me even more.

“Nine Ball” Fills Your Spirits With Tenderness, Love, And Magic...And Teaches You To Become The HARDCORE ULTIMATE PLAYER At The Same Time

Up until I’d read Nine Ball I thought I knew Jeff pretty well, but as it turns out, the facts I’ve just mentioned were mere RIPPLES ON THE SURFACE of an ocean that runs VERY DEEP.

(My business partner Nick (“Papa” of RSD) had a similar opinion—after reading the advanced copies of the book, we were both stunned at how there was far more “absurd ingenious” to how Jeffy had become one of the game’s most hardcore players than we’d ever remotely been aware).

Jeffy’s book gives you an insider’s window into his entire journey: his outrageous personal background, the ultra-weird lifestyle, the shamefully humiliating first attempts at picking up girls, the morbid step-by-step details of his successes and brutal failures, and *everything* he did to master the game as time went on.

(You could literally hand this to a semi-illiterate idiot, and he’d possess a crystal clear understanding of how to pick up girls from start-to-finish within minutes of absorbing it into his thick skull).

Far more valuable to you, however, is that you witness the full continuum of tools that Jeff experimented with as they were being developed—the inner game, the outer game, the understandings of how female psychology works - in vivid, meticulous detail.

You discover the intricate processes that Jeffy devised to gain mastery with women over many years, and how he continually streamlined and adapted them as he evolved.

This imparts you with the most powerful tool a student can ever learn: it teaches you how to TEACH YOURSELF.

Nine Ball detangles the maze of over-information that you’ve been exposed to in your studies of how to gain SICKENINGLY SICK SKILLS with women, by showing you precisely and specifically how a seasoned veteran waded through the endless confusion and applied the secrets to his extreme advantage.

It’s one thing to read about a dating technique, principle, mindset, or strategy, and try to INTERPRET how you think you’re supposed to apply it to your own life (which let’s face it: most guys screw up).

And it’s a totally DIFFERENT THING to see how hundreds of these “crucial pieces” were internalized, customized to meet needs of the person using them, and mashed together into a CRITICAL MASS of advanced pick up artistry—that when unleashed, creates a flurry of emotional and illogical attraction to any woman in the remote vicinity.

This is a book that gives you the second type of experience...

It empowers you with the rare understanding of how to “TINKER” with your own skill-set like a mechanic for high performance race cars—getting under the hood and seeing how changing one little thing revs the car up, another little thing bogs it down.

Jeffy Will Wine, Dine, And ENCHANT You—And Then Proceed To VICIOUSLY FIST-BLAST You With His Most Ultra Potent Innovations And Hyper Subtle Strategies—Until He AWAKENS Your Giant Within

As Nine Ball enchants you under it’s spell, you may be surprised to find that TWO ultra-potent mindsets are being viciously fist-blasted into your brain. Don’t be alarmed. They actually contain some very cool advantages you might never expect.

First of all, Jeffy was NEVER a guy who got into “picking up girls” for 1) other people’s approval and validation, or 2) to become a better and more confident person.

He got into it for one reason only: because he wanted to get laid. It was only much later that he stumbled onto concepts of “self actualization” and “becoming a dude who offers value to everyone he meets”.

That being the case, throughout the entire experience of Nine Ball, you are absorbing the unique wisdom and perspective of a man whose only mission is to teach you to CLOSE THE DEAL.

As you gleefully burn through the journey, you will come to logically and emotionally understand what it means to MAKE IT HAPPEN when the chips are down, and how to DEFEAT THE ODDS when it seems like everything is set against you and the girl you like from hooking up.

Does that mean that you have to replicate on Jeffy’s “extreme dating lifestyle”?? HELL NO.

(Cue the adapted Jay-Z lyrics: “Jeff did that, so hopefully you won’t have to go through that...”)

But it means that when you’re out, and you’ve got a woman attracted to you, you’ll have been essentially BRAINWASHED by your reading experience to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, and make sure that the opportunity isn’t lost.

Think right now, of all the women that may have been attracted to you in the past five years. Think of all the opportunities you let slip through your fingers because you didn’t act immediately, powerfully, and decisively. Consider the scandalous, devious, highly enjoyable things you could have done to each other if you would have STEPPED UP.

After you’ve experienced Nine Ball, you would have to be a complete idiot to let that ever happen again (and even if you are a complete idiot, you’ll still have been moved towards a cure of this tendency regardless—you will know how to FULLY STEP UP).

Beyond this very cool change in your behaviour, you will also absorb ANOTHER hyper-subtle advantage that bridges the divide between “inner game” and “outer game”.

That is the advantage that you gain when you take your idiosyncratic quirks and oddness, and THEN TURN THEM INTO GOLD.

The power of Jeffy’s approach to “success with women” is that he took his own brand of personal weirdness, and forged it into the foundation of his entire skill-set.

Rather than trying to hide who he is by conforming to “other people’s standards”, he emphasized his own weird outlook, and went with it so strongly that it sucked people into his personal universe.

The reason that this is so lethally effective for establishing social dominance and attracting beautiful women into your life is this: you come across as so “self amused” with your own sense of reality that you aren’t as eager to gain rapport with people you’ve just met.

This creates a vacuum where 1) the girl feels like her own personal universe isn’t all that unique or interesting by comparison to yours, and so 2) she feels like she needs to “react” to you in order to gain your acceptance.

In Nine Ball, you witness how Jeffy brings more and more of his own natural personality into his interactions with women. This is no different than what you learn in “improv” or “stand up comedy”—the more of your natural personality that you summon the courage to bring to the table, the more powerful of a person you become.

However this is even cooler...

The payoff is even more worthwhile, because you’re now bringing a “significant other(s)” into your life, and women are attracted to you permanently and irreversibly, for the person that you really are.

As An Extremely Avid Reader, I Was Shocked To Discover Jeff As Being The Most Talented New Author I’ve Read In Years, And He’s Written The Most Provocative, Compelling, Sharply Penned Book I’ve Encountered In A LONG Time

Jeff has been talking about writing his masterpiece for as long as I’ve known him.

He’s been obsessively polishing his talents as a writer since he was a crayon carrying 10 year old, which you’ve probably recognized from his newsletters and field reports that have gathered a cult-like following since 2003.

For the past several years there’s been furious buzz and demand for Jeff to write an entire book. Usually people would ask him to take his years worth of “field reports” and compile them into a hardcover edition that they could easily carry around and read.

But Jeff kept saying he wanted more than that—that he’d been planning to write this since he was 15 years old, and that it would be his ultimate life’s work.

I personally felt that it would never happen. To take everything that Jeff had experienced in the game, all the epiphany exposing experiences, secrets, strategies, and shifts in thinking, and cram them into an all-encompassing written work—it would be simply ridiculous.

Then about a year ago Jeffy started to “go missing”.

I could rarely get a hold of the guy, and he seemed to be kind of cranky whenever I’d talk to him. He finally informed me that he had locked himself in his room, and been pounding out the project for about 10 hours a day.

This was Jeff’s life for about a year: wake up, write all day, go to the gym, go to bed.

He described the process as like, “Moving through a dark tunnel, punching around in a pit filled with hostile people. And no light at the end, but all you know is you have to keep going.”

Regardless, I received a package about a year later very unexpectedly.

I opened a big square box from Federal Express, and to my shock, contained inside was a printed and bound manuscript with a giant picture of a “Nine Ball” on the cover. The day I thought I would never witness had arrived: it was a draft of Jeffy’s long awaited book.

My first impression was it would be a jerky series of old archived material, but nope. Jeff had spent the past year writing the most awe-inspiring piece of written work that I’d read in years.

A tight, coherent narrative that deeply explores a variety of thematic elements, much of which was written from scratch, and also containing previous material that had been updated and enhanced by the additional context given to it by the book.

As an extremely avid reader, I was more or less shocked to have to suddenly “reframe” Jeff as being more than the “really good writer” I’d known him as—but as the most profoundly talented new author I’d read in years.

Graphic and emotionally honest—you will rarely find such candid portraits of the human psyche in its most degenerate and politically incorrect situations. Every word with a place and meaning, it smacks you upside the head and shakes you out of your complacency.

Jeff’s descriptions of the characters from his journey are intensely penetrating, but he is equally so towards himself. His openness about himself and the life he leads stops the book from becoming a series of macho conquests—it is very intense.


The astonishing advantage of this “learning medium” is that even if you possess the attention span of a juvenile delinquent with A.D.D., you are forced to soak up Jeffy's most closely guarded pick up strategies by the sheer entertainment-factor of his words.

Jeff nurtures you like a doting mother—jamming your face with healthy food that will make you grow BIG AND POWERFUL, by making you think it’s your favourite sweet.

Unlike other educational experiences where you have to struggle to focus, you won’t need to LEARN the secrets of Jeffy’s game, but you will UNINTENTIONALLY ABSORB THEM as you are titillated and amused.

If you’re ready for an experience unlike any other you’ve remotely encountered...

One that will simultaneously drag you to hell and ascend you to heaven, reveal the most subtle and advanced truths of the game, and hyper-boost your skill-set with women into previously unseen levels of raging potency...

Then this is an EVENT that offers nothing short of a change in your life as you know it, irreversibly, and whether you like it or not.


It’s no surprise to hear that Jeff has overcome some extreme inner game issues, is it?

Yeah, uhhhh, probably NOT.

In fact, he’s the guy who I trust the MOST with highly difficult and socially-challenged students…simply because he’s dealt with the deepest inner game issues I have ever seen (in anyone) and I know he can deliver reality-defying results to anyone, regardless of their background.

This is the guy that most people in the community hold with a measure of awe – and a measure of fear.  His volatile nature makes him wild and unpredictable.  Some can’t handle that.  Others – and especially women – LOVE it.

But WHY does he have such a hyper-polarizing effect on people? Rumor has it that this phenomena revolves around his infamous “I don’t give a f*ck” mentality…

…which has been almost a total enigma to most people, until now.

Nine Ball punches you in the face from the very first page, and kicks off with a searing exploration of the mysterious origins of the man who would become known to thousands around the world as “jlaix” – where “I don’t give a f*ck” is the only code of the land.

The first section is like a molecular breakdown of the dark motivations behind his single-minded obsession to “get laid or die trying” served up in an epic tale of traumatic doom. You’ll discover what it really took to gain the kind of emotional leverage required to mount such a herculean effort.

Almost IMMEDIATELY, you’ll see:


And so the tale unfolds…

Not long after embarking on his deranged quest, Jeffy stumbled upon the nascent version of what would later come to be known as the “pickup community” - an underground society dedicated to the art of seduction.

He began to study this material exhaustively, with a single-minded zeal rivaling that of the most extreme religious fanatic.

Armed with this information, and the realization that success with women was not luck or magic but rather a set of skills that could be learned, he began his long march through the front line trenches of the battle of the sexes.

Everything from his cringe-inducing defeats to his first modest victories, it’s all here… and all laid out in gory detail.


As they say, nothing good comes easy. And – as you could have guessed by now – Jeff’s path hasn’t exactly been a “cake walk”, by any means.

Given his dedication, Jeff soon began to enjoy a new level of success. All the while, he kept meticulous journals of his experiences, documenting his successes (and failures) in a series of careening “field reports” which he posted on the internet.

It wasn’t long before people began to take notice of his wild, out-of-control shenanigans. When Tyler and Papa formed the organization that was to become the international juggernaut Real Social Dynamics, they recruited Jeffy to become one of the company’s first instructors, giving live, in-field instruction in the art of pickup.

This is where the story begins to get very interesting.


By this point, Jeff was enjoying a sex life that most men couldn’t even dream of.

But he still wasn’t satisfied.

No, by this point, “extraordinary” simply wasn’t going to cut it. His mission wouldn’t be complete until he had shattered and made a mockery of every last barrier, every last taboo. He didn’t just want to be good… he wanted to be THE BEST. The stakes were raised, an impossible test laid out. Threesomes, strippers, you name it… it was all his for the taking.

However, along with the glory, there was a hidden price lurking in the shadows, in the darkest recesses of his ego, waiting to exact its awful toll.

Luckily, Jeff took detailed notes during – what most “gurus” now call – the “ultimate path of glory”, which you are about to experience for yourself.

And it all starts with jaw-dropping things like:


If only the glory days could last forever.

After accomplishing so much, and coming so far, it would be understandable for anyone to feel a certain sense of pride. In Jeff’s case, however, this natural pride mutated into something far more unsavory… a cancer of hubris that began to metastasize and spread into every other area of his life.

The challenge now was clear. Would he be able to take the lessons learned over his years in the darkest pits of the game and somehow implement them back in the “ordinary world?” More importantly, would he even want to return to a so-called “normal” life?

Would he even be able to return to a normal life if he tried?

These questions were soon rendered moot, however, by the return of an old foe: the shadow self that he thought he had defeated, risen from the depths even stronger than before.

And the battle was on. But this time, Jeffy had more experience and was far better equipped to deal with the negativity to come.

Here, he shares his experiences with you, explaining things like:


Didn’t think a phoenix could rise from the ashes twice? Think again.

After being purged from “normal” society, one would think it would be damn near impossible for Jeff to reconcile his past and make good in a world he rejected with hateful vengeance.

It’s as if Jeff had entered a whole new world, and is now returning home.

So-called “primitive” societies have rituals designed to purge their warriors and hunters of blood and death, which allows them to become peaceful members of society again. They may be sequestered away from the tribe, and shamans may perform ceremonies mimicking death itself, perhaps burying them alive or even sickening them to the point where they are at death’s door. They are then raised up and welcomed back as new members of the tribe.

This is not unlike the experience of Jeff Allen.

To learn something in an alien world is one thing; to bring the knowledge home as applied wisdom is quite another. Thus, in the final chapters of the book, Jeff faces one last trial… perhaps the hardest one yet. He must find a way to keep the wisdom of the tribulations he’s endured, while getting rid of their bad effects.

Which he does, and reveals – including self actualizing insights like:

Nine Ball Was Written SPECIFICALLY For YOU!

Alright, so what I hope you’ve realized at this point is that this experience is completely unique. The main challenges I had in describing it to you is that there’s really nothing to compare it to.

Nine Ball is part literary masterpiece, part devastating pickup arsenal, part self help manual, part demented dark comedy.

Nothing has ever really been done like this before…EVER.

As you travel through the journey, you will gain a vivid understanding of what it’s like to evolve through progressively more advanced levels of dating wisdom and paradigms.

You will experience the lifestyle of a hardcore player, in an emotionally relevant way that makes it feel like you actually lived it.

And most importantly, the habit of dating woman after woman make perfect sense to you—even if to 99% of guys, it would seem literally impossible to comprehend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a clueless newbie, or ludicrously skilled. On this journey, you will arrive at the same destination:

All while you’re being shocked and astounded, titillated and entertained by Jeff’s powerful story…

You will be exposed to the mandatory path of personal evolution that every aspiring pick up master must walk, and learn to survive the journey where so many others have epically failed.

Jeffy Wishes He Could Animate Your Body And Take Every Girl In Your Social Circle On A ROMANTIC DATE—But At The End Of The Day YOU Are The One Who Has To STEP UP

I’ve got to be honest with you here, however…

Nine Ball is the bleeding edge of “pick up theory” that’s out there today—particularly in terms of its ability to FORCE Jeffy’s advanced-level-secrets down your throat so covertly, causing a cascade of epiphanies to go off in your brain while you’re absorbing the outrageous mayhem.

I mean, whereas most guys would peer into the keyhole, see that a whole new hidden world exists, and then become frightened by all the confusion and complexity, Jeff decided to jam his fingernails into the door and pry it open with everything he had.


But here’s the truth. This is not a magic bullet. This is not some instant-fix that will instantly remedy all the ills in your life.

Sorry, I REALLY wish it was. I know there are a lot of books out there that promise this, but you obviously know that’s not the case.

That’s cause, uhhhh, you can’t BUY a magic bullet. The magic bullet is YOU.

Nine Ball can give you a crystal clear, emotionally relevant understanding of what it’s like to live the lifestyle of an extreme player, but YOU have to leave the house and approach women.

It can empower you with an OBNOXIOUS ARSENAL of Jeffy’s most hardcore tactics and techniques, but YOU have to open your mouth and TALK.

It can supercharge your motivation to evolve to the next level, and even teach you exactly how to use your own natural personality to cultivate a CRITICAL MASS of AWESOMENESS with every woman you ever talk to, but it’s not going to physically animate your arm and make you take that girl home.

YOU have to do all that. Okay??

Or more specifically, you have to be prepared to try. That’s all.

As long as you’re prepared to put your ego to one side, absorb the knowledge, and IMPLEMENT what you experience, then you’re just moving towards a foregone conclusion.

Do You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life DAZED In A “Haze Of DUUUUR” And Confusion?

The tough thing about learning to be good with women is this…

There is so much oversaturation of information out there, it’s hard to know which direction to go.

That’s why so many guys who study “how to get good with girls” never get ANYWHERE. They’re not surrounded by other people who have survived the journey, and blasted through all the hurdles and insidious sticking points.

Then when you DO start walking on the right path, there are all these subtle ways that you can wrongly interpret the new tactics and techniques that you’ve read. After all, the techniques that work for a guy who is at ONE level of development aren’t going to work when he’s arrived at the NEXT.

In experiencing Nine Ball, you are empowered with the deep level wisdom of how to move to the next level. The “daze of durrrrr” is immediately removed from your life—forever—because you’ve seen exactly how success is intricately designed.

Of course, you might find your way through the maze, and bewildering universe of online dating advice.

You might do it without having anyone in your life who has experienced the path of “total transformation” from start to finish, and who will reveal how EVERYTHING WAS DONE in hardcore explicit detail.

Yeeeeahuppppp, you genuinely might.

But remember, at the end of the day, it’s YOUR life.

I’d say that you’ve been through so much at this point that you owe it to yourself to seriously consider your life as it currently stands. Honestly, really step back from your life and consider whether your journey has reached a point that you want to REMAIN.

Because if you want to move forward, then you want to obtain the roadmap from the man who made it his mission to be successful or die trying.

So what is that worth to you??

Is it worth a mere $129 to gain a treasure trove of expert experiential-knowledge and hidden secrets from one of the most ruthlessly successful players ever to play the game??

I hope it is, because ultimately, what you’re gaining is a doorway into a life that is amazing in a way that you’ve never known about. That’s what your investment gets you. Think about your life, and the experiences you want to check off the “bucket list” BEFORE YOU DIE.

Then ask yourself the question—is it worth the risk? It is actually, honestly worth investing $129 dollars for a genuine doorway into a permanent carnival of sexual abundance?

It’s not a choice I can make for you, but it’s a choice I made for myself, many years ago. Looking back, the thought that I might have chosen otherwise is a scary thing for me to contemplate.

Imagining what my life would have been like if I hadn’t seized control of it brings me into a ill feeling of nauseous disgust with myself, and I do not mind admitting that at all whatsoever.

So bearing in mind that this is YOUR LIFE, ask yourself this…

Is it worth risking a $129 investment to snatch up a copy of this red hot book?

Honestly, is it?

If “Jeffy Show” Was Like Snorting A Rail Off The Tits Of A Vegas Stripper—“Nine Ball” Is Like Taking A Hit Of CRACK Straight Off The Pipe: Cheaper, More Addictive, And 10x As Lethal

Recently I was talking to Jeff, and given that he’s PRINTING THIS BOOK IN COLLECTOR’S EDITION HARDCORE FORMAT (as opposed to “pumping it out” as a flimsy e-book), he knew that $129 was a more than fair price.

This is a “niche based book” that meets the special needs of a unique audience, containing 15 year’s worth of Jeffy’s wisdom, and a FULL YEAR OF HIS BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS (which has taken him “out of the game” of making a living for himself in other areas for the past twelve months).

There are similar books of far LESS VALUE for a FAR MORE EXPENSIVE PRICE, which saturate the market today.

Then recently Jeff was visiting with me in Los Angeles, and we got to talking about the price.

“Look,” Jeffy said, “We’ve got to find a way to get this out for an even cheaper price. I know we’re printing this ourselves, and I know that this is the culmination of this entire past year’s work. But I want to find a way to make this happen.”

“Alright,” I replied, “It’s YOUR book, so if you’re adamant about lowering in the price, I won’t stand in your way…What are you thinking?”

$39.95 dollars,” was his answer, to my absolute shock.

When I pressed him on why, he reply was, “I remember what it was like starting out with this whole success with women thing…I also remember what it was like to be at DECENT levels of success, where I wanted to take my demented sexual rampage to the NEXT LEVEL. A lot of the time people ask me why I offer so much for so little, and it’s because when I started out you couldn’t get your hands on ANYTHING like this. Heck, it’s the first time it’s coming out, RIGHT NOW.”

It’s my firm opinion that Jeffy wants you to have ZERO IRRATIONAL EXCUSES to make this investment in yourself and get your game JUICED UP with the extreme-advanced-wisdom he’s going to deliver.

Personally I think this is a very cool gift from Jeff to offer it as this stunningly inexpensive price, given the big releases of dating resources like this in the SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLAR range lately.

I definitely would have done anything to get my hands on this type of advice and proven strategies…because it would have short-cut the path to “elite” level by a good 3-5 years.

Instead, I had to push through years of trial and error, and eventually “luck out” with a big hook-up in my buddy Jeffy to find the information that’s been such a massive BOOST to get me to where I’m at now.

So really, don’t screw around here…

Jump onto this opportunity while it’s hot in your mind, and take advantage of the ridiculously intense “game enhancements” that this book has to offer you.

Regardless of the absurd amounts of value that this book has crammed in it…you really can get started as soon as you get it.

And as you’re on your journey, you can apply the more advanced secrets that you discover.

This is truly an absolute “go-to” resource for getting yourself to the “next level” you know you’re capable of.

If you aren’t ready for it, that’s fine. You’re taking a pass here on Jeffy’s long awaited life’s work, that he’s produced to create a blatantly obvious and instant gain in your personal results.

You might be someone who has taken to learning this material passively. Maybe you have a big “identity” about how you’re a guy who won’t read a kick-ass book like this, because you’ve got everything handled on your own.

Well now is you’re a chance to come at your progress *actively*. It’s a chance to get your hands on the proven secrets and shortcuts that took Jeffy YEARS of agony and darkness to figure out.

Nine Ball will STUN you and SHAKE UP YOUR ENTIRE GAME.

It’s chalk-full of value and covers a VAST range of cutting-edge themes and ideas, but regardless of all the information it will pound into your skull it’s still FUN because it’s about YOU and getting YOUR LIFE together.

Seeing and understanding how this kind of success REALLY gets done is totally inspiring. This isn’t work – it’s more like reviewing the itinerary for the BEST trip you’ve ever planned for.

If you’re looking to hit that elite level in the game, every second you spend reading this book will REAWAKEN that awesome sensation of being in the zone.

So be prepared to have your mind blown… And your entire approach to the game changed forever.

Nine Ball WILL deliver you to the “promised land”.

What’s the price for this experience? Again, we initially priced it at $129 worth of value. We actually valued it at significantly higher than that, just because this information is SO SPECIFIC to a person who wants to walk the path of total transformation and success with women.

But Jeffy wasn’t having it.

We’ve chipped away at this price, and we reserve the right to take this page down and change the price without warning in the coming weeks and months post-launch. All orders made at this price will be honoured, but if we change the price back to $129 no further orders will be taken at the previous price.

For now though, even though it will probably save you thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars in value and will definitely save you YEARS of time and frustration, your investment, for now, is only $39.95 for the collector’s edition hardcover book.

Are you willing to invest the scarily low price of $39.95 for the hardcover book to gain a doorway to untold levels of liberation from confusion and despair?

Is that risk worth a whole new world where you know how to make it happen with the women of your dreams?

Is it that risk worth a whole new life where your craziest fantasies are real, and willing at your fingertips?

Are you willing to invest $39.95 for the hardcover book??




We are so Confident You’ll Love This Program That We’ll Shoulder ALL The Risk Involved – You Get A Complete, No BS, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your own personal copy of Nine Ball, I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. FULL REFUND.

No catches.  No nonsense.  I only ask one thing.

Read the ENTIRE book. You will get so much value that you’ll be dying to race out the door to the nearest bar, and hit up the first stunning woman you see.

But if you were raised on the moon, and if you don't agree, just let me know what went wrong and make sure I receive the course(s) back from you within 30 days of your purchase - I'll be happy to issue you a refund. All I ask is that the course (s) you return are as you received them - no scratches, dents, fingerprints, handwriting, or other damage to the book.

I just cannot think of any other way to POSSIBLY make it easier or more low risk for you.

When you order, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can get your own copy of Nine Ball -  (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order - you can pay by mail or PayPal, as well – we’ll send you the program as soon as it’s cleared).

Once you get it, go through it from beginning to end. You will see INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS, and you WILL start sparking more rapid attraction with hot women.

Read Nine Ball RISK-FREE. If you decide that it's not for you - for ANY REASON – just make sure I receive it back from you within 30 days of your purchase and that the product is in the condition as described above.  Done.

If (WHEN) you love the program, you’re going to be so psyched that you made the right choice.

I truly want to help you get the women you deserve. I get emails every day from guys who’ve had their lives changed by this advice.  They’re enjoying success they never thought possible. I want to see you get these results too.


Now is the best time to get this area of your life handled so signup now and set yourself on a path of momentum towards the success you've always wanted with beautiful women in your life.

Your Dating Success Coaches and Friends,
Real Social Dynamics

P.S. I guarantee that you will find no program that is better for you in your education on success with attracting and dating women. And to give you a glimpse of what all the fuss is about…


Praise For Jeffy's Previous Work


My name is James Schneider and what happened here today was just unbelievable. He really addresses every issue to what you're looking at for having game, not only from the outside.  It starts from the inside out…

Considering buying the program? Definitely buy it, it's worth every penny and you're not going to be disappointed. It'll address everything that you're thinking about, you know? It's worth it. I mean just buy it!

James Schneider from Los Angeles, CA, USA



 I'm Bill Caskie from Los Angeles. I found the seminar very helpful, I've actually been waiting about a year and a half to take this.

I wish that this course had been available when I was younger.

I think Jeff's talk today, he talked a lot about his life and personal experiences and I found that very interesting and helpful.

Another very important thing about picking up women and meeting them is to understand how a woman thinks. And there was a lot of insight given by Jeff about how a woman thinks.

I'm very happy that I took the course and I feel that I really got my money's worth out of it and as I said, I wish it had been available when I was younger so I could've used it all these years.

Bill Caskie from Los Angeles, CA, USA


Hi my name is John, I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. Just wanted to say a few things.

It's a phenomenal program, well rounded start to finish, gives you just about everything you need to know with pick-up, with developing your game, fundamentals, you name it. I have a few notes I'm gonna read off. It's a true inspiration for the average guy, for sure.

It taught me to reach out and pull out my inner uniqueness.

And it just taught me to grab onto it, go with it, go with what you know inside, develop it, and it will come out. And to pretty much break free and make your own life.

Yes, it taught me to go out there and focus on what your intent is, go out there and focus on what you need to get accomplished, and just do it. I would say that it's a definite, credible, well thought out program and I highly recommend it.

John from Phoenix, AR, USA


Hey I'm Eric from LA. Just had the best day of my life learning all kinds of great stuff: how to create opportunities in the bar scene, how to just get and command respect with women and with men in all situations.

It's like I have a map and a plan to follow, I feel like I'm not trapped in the maze, I'm outside of it looking in and it's just great! The past 2 days, the past 2 nights, I've been having so much fun in the club.

I would've never dreamed that I could have this much fun.

And this was the best thing I've done in a very long time, I'd advise it to anybody.

Like the phone call thing was great: just make it short and simple when you call a girl. "Hey, this is Eric, let's do something, I wanna see you, whatever." Just keep it simple. That one's big because you don't want to rattle on.

The threesome bit was great and, you know, Jeff just kinda showing his soul, where he started from a low point and not covering that up and just saying, "Hey I was way down here," and then giving all of his heart and putting himself on the line just shows anybody can do it.

He stuck with it, and it's like any of us could be that guy, just takes a little bit of work, that's the main thing to remember. It's not looks, it's not smarts, it's just doing. I'd say it's comprehensive, it's from the ground up, it covers...he covered everything, from meeting the girl in the bar, to how to get her home.

There's nothing missing, it's complete.

Eric from Los Angeles, CA, USA


Hi my name's Kevin from Los Angeles.

I just got out of the Jeffy seminar and I must say Jeffy is the man! He goes down in detail to get you through the whole pick-up: from the approach, to on the phone, to the Day 2, I mean anything you want to know about pick-up's here.

In detail. In depth. Everything you need to know…

I mean whether you're old, bald, ugly, whether you think you're ugly...doesn't matter. Come check this out because he will teach you how to live the life of like a Rockstar.

Well the great things I learned from Jeffy are basically the phone game, how to get rid of all these nervous little body ticks...just what lines to use…

He just has so much there it's just like...I mean everything is like there. The idea is just to go out and try it, experience it. And I mean you'll just see it's all true.
It's just all encompassing, I'm just blown away at this point. If you're on the edge about buying the program, just buy it!

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA, USA


 Hey guys, I'm Dan Blakeman from Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffy here had a real experience to tell me. He told me about all this stuff that I couldn't even imagine if he wasn't here. You know threesomes, stuff like that, I couldn't even imagine it if I didn't hear it from a real person.

Seeing is believing.  He has stories that you can't even imagine if you weren't there yourself.

Jeff gives his life story, and not only that, but his secrets of pick-up. Well I think that Jeff has expanded on what I already believed… he definitely gave me some motivation on how to improve and where I was coming from.

Without his speech I don't know if I would have had the vision to succeed that I have now.

Dan Blakeman from Louisville, Kentucky, USA


Hey guys, my name is Anthony and I'm from Los Angeles.  I really enjoyed the program, it was very good. It has opened my eyes to different things so I won't be stuck at a "chode" state.

If you guys want to take a program, it's very good to be here and absorb the power of their teaching - it's just very's just very good.

Like the things Jeffy’s been through.  Everybody goes through challenges.  You're not just by yourself, you know? This is something that someone can do.  You can do it too, it's not something that's like superpowers or anything.

Just get it man! I took it, I came here, paid the money. It's worth it, you know, just go ahead and buy it. If you're serious about changing your it, just get it.

Anthony from Los Angeles, CA, USA


Hi my name is Michael Meronic, I'm from Canada, and I'd just like to say that I'm a totally different person after this conference.

It's really opened up my eyes, not just about pick up, but about my life, and fulfilment, and what I want to do with my time while I'm here.

The most interesting lesson that I learned today was that pick up is a consequence of...something else, rather than just tactics and technique. There's an inner game that needs a lot of development. 

These tactics and these routines and all these things, these are good to have but what counts is you, and what you're getting out of it, and whether or not you're happy with who you are.

Because if you don't have that, forget about it. It's just scripts. It's nothing but words on a page.

If someone was considering taking this course and wanted to hear my advice about it, I'd just's up to you. If you want it, then do it. If it's a part of your life that you want to get a handle on and develop as a person, then do it. And if you choose not to go then well...then maybe you don't got the balls to do it.

Michael Meronic, Canada